Ŝanĝu lingvon al: Esperanto

Esperanto Domo

Esperanto House is the home of the Esperanto Federation of NSW and the national archives of the Australian Esperanto Association.


  • World culture days: Explore different cultures through language, music and art.
  • Sydney Language Festival: Sample a smørgasbord of languages over two days. An annual event.
  • Esperanto classes: Learn a real, living language much easier and faster than you thought possible, then use it to communicate with people all over the world.
  • Esperanto club meetings: Practise Esperanto, socialise and make new friends.
  • Zamenhof Day: Celebrating the life of the inventor of Esperanto, Ludwig Zamenhof, with talks, entertainment and refreshments. On or near 15 December each year.
  • Esperanto library and archive: Read books, magazines and newspapers written in the international language, including rare historical material.
  • Exhibitions: Including: 100 Years of Esperanto in Australia
  • Accommodation: Esperanto speakers from anywhere in the world (including Australia) can have free lodging for up to 14 days, subject to availability.

Where to find us

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